Our Core Values

Since its inception, Great Lakes Technologies has been governed by its core values. They shape the culture and define the character of our company and the way we serve our clients. They guide us how to behave and make our decisions.

Abbreviated as “PICK”, our core values are the actual reasons of our existence.  

PICK - Passionate.Innovative.Commited.Knowledged


We are passionate about technology. We want to offer our clients the latest high-tech that suits our customers. The technology is growing very fast and keeps changing day after day which means the business must also adapt to the change. It’s our work to learn the new technology, analyze and advise their potentials to our customers, helping them to adapt to the useful modern ways of doing business.


We are innovative to our solutions. We believe that we have to come up with some new creative method, product or idea that inspires change. This will always keep our customers ahead of their competitors. We constantly learn the new skills and discover the new ways and techniques that will benefits our customers and maximize their business profitability. 


We are always committed to our customer’s needs. Yes, our customers are our central focus, and thus all what we care is their business. We understand that the achievements of our customers are our achievements as well, and their problems are our problems as well. When we serve our customers, the first thing is to understand what they really need. Our solutions must truly be an expectation of the customer. We don’t just sell and go; we support our customers until the end. 


We are knowledged about your business. We can’t offer a solution to a something we don’t know. W e have to get down to learn and understand your business first, the challenges that you face and what are your really needs. We are always keen to work closely with your staffs from problem analysis, to design and deployment of a solution. 

About Us

Thanks for visiting our website! We are an Information Technology Consulting company at the heart of Dar es Salaam serving diverse groups of clients from small to large organizations across all sectors.
We provide various services including software developments, graphics design and printing, publishing, advertising, network installations, website designing, hosting, computer supplies, IT Outsourcing and Consultancy.


Contact Us

We are located on the 7th Floor, Hifadhi House (NSSF House), Posta Mpya alongside the Askari Monument.

7th Floor, NSSF Hifadhi House,
Samora Avenue / Azikiwe Street,
P.O.Box 80018 Dar es Salaam.
Tel /Fax: +255 22 2121021
Mob: +255 712 161997
Website: www.greatlakestechnologies.net

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