While SACCOS have been an answer to accessing financial resources by individuals, groups, entrepreneurs, community and business firms; their management is a big challenge especially to SACCOS with limited financial and human resources. Many startup SACCOS can’t afford hiring professional staffs and as a result failing to meet their expectations and discouraging new members from joining them. We translate this problem as lack of appropriate SACCOS Management Solution.

Great Lakes Technologies is the ultimate choice for any SACCOS seeking to efficiently organize records and streamline its operations fast and efficiently. We incorporate the latest existing technology to take care of the whole SACCOS Management even without professional staffs, providing timely services and managing accounts, savings, loans, benefits and members with minimum resources.

Our SACCOS Management System is an answer for;

>> Membership Management

>> Savings Management

>> Deposits Management

>> Loan Management

>> Benefits Management

>> Training Management

>> Ledger Management 

>> Information Management

>> Reports Management

About Us

Thanks for visiting our website! We are an Information Technology Consulting company at the heart of Dar es Salaam serving diverse groups of clients from small to large organizations across all sectors.
We provide various services including software developments, graphics design and printing, publishing, advertising, network installations, website designing, hosting, computer supplies, IT Outsourcing and Consultancy.


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We are located on the 7th Floor, Hifadhi House (NSSF House), Posta Mpya alongside the Askari Monument.

7th Floor, NSSF Hifadhi House,
Samora Avenue / Azikiwe Street,
P.O.Box 80018 Dar es Salaam.
Tel /Fax: +255 22 2121021
Mob: +255 712 161997

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